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PoyPet 3M Reflective -Easy Control- No Pull Dog Harness (Light Blue)

PoyPet 3M Reflective -Easy Control- No Pull Dog Harness (Light Blue)

PoyPet 3M Reflective -Easy Control- No Pull Dog Harness (Light Blue)

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[ Key Product Features]

1. 2 Leash Attachment hooks

Our these two hooks are available for almost all leash hooks. They are big enough. If you use the front hook on the chest, it will reduce the pulling a lot and make going for a walk more enjoyable. As usual, most people like to use the back hook.


2. 1 Soft Training Handle

You will like this handle on the back,it is helpful in controlling dogs a bit closer to you when they are trying to lunge at something. Also, it is convenient to assist dogs into the car.


3. 3M Reflective

The reflective material will be really nice when it gets dark. Also, your dog will be saw easily. This 3M reflective material can make drivers have long time to react, which ensure your dogs safety!


4. 4 Adjustable Clips

These four black clips are adjustable, two are on the neck and other two are on the chest. You can adjust it to the best size.


5. No Need Wash

This oxford material is breathable, no need wash. You just need use a cloth yo wipe it. If you really want to wash it , it had better by hand. (It also supports washing machine.)


6. Perfect for Many Occasion

This dog harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more!


[How to Choose the Correct Size? ]

Step 1. Measure dog’s Neck Girth ;

Step 2. Measure dog’s Chest Girth ;

Step 3. You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps. If between sizes, please choose the larger size.


XS---Neck : 10-12" ; Chest : 10-20";

S---Neck: 12-18” ; Chest: 14-24”;

M--- Neck: 14-20” ; Chest: 16-28”;

L--- Neck: 16-24”; Chest: 22-33”;

XL--- Neck: 22-33”; Chest: 28-39”;


The Back Length (The top strap that contacts the neck to the chest strap) :

XS :  4.13 inch

S :   4.33 inch

M:   5.51 inch

L :   5.90 inch

XL:  6.89 inch



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